Sherrie J. Ashley is a passionate Educational Financial Accountant with 20 years of experience in business tax and accounting services and business management, among others. She finalized and processed paperwork with local, state, and federal government authorities, supplied detailed tax documentation needed to submit accurate corporate and individual tax returns, and analyzed unaudited financial statements to determine adjustments for accurate tax treatment. She also prepared estimated and deferred tax calculations on a monthly basis to forecast cash flows. She responded to state and federal tax notices by preparing written responses or tax return amendments and analyzed information and assessed liabilities and deductions according to relevant tax codes. She also has experience implementing tax reduction strategies to analyze and minimize tax liabilities. She represented clients under audit before the IRS to prove compliance with federal tax laws and advised clients to comply with IRS regulations and meet state and federal tax obligations.

Joey Ashley Sr. possesses over 15 years of income tax and accounting experience. He diligently provided detailed tax documentation for precise corporate and individual returns and expertly handled paperwork with government authorities. Joey skillfully responded to tax notices and offered clients potential opportunities for beneficial products and services. He meticulously assessed tax liabilities and deductions according to relevant tax codes, efficiently preparing income, gift, and estate tax returns. Additionally, Joey offered valuable advice to ensure clients’ compliance with IRS regulations and state/federal tax obligations, diligently computing taxes owed or overpaid and verifying data accuracy on forms prepared by others.

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